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Undercover FiancéMarissa Devereaux discovered that paradise wasn't all it was cracked up to be when she was abducted by extremists on the Caribbean island of Costa Verde…. But things only got worse when Jed Prentiss showed up, claiming to be fiancé.A Wedding Ruse?While Marissa was glad that her new friends at 43 Light Street had teamed up to come to her rescue, she wondered if marriage to the gruff, abrasive Jed was her only salvation.After all, how could she trust this man with her life, if she couldn't trust him with her heart?

Award-winning, bestselling novelist Ruth Glick, who writes as Rebecca York, is the author of more than one hundred books, including her popular 43 LIGHT STREET series for Intrigue. Ruth says she has the best job in the world. Not only does she get paid for telling stories; she’s also the author of twelve cookbooks. Ruth and her husband, Norman, travel frequently, researching locales for her novels and searching out new dishes for her cookbooks.