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Another faked death, another run for her life. She’d done it before when she’d gone into the Federal Witness Protection Program six months earlier.

This time, it would be much, much harder.

Harder, because of her newborn baby. Her precious daughter was a mere two hours old. She was too young to be in the path of danger, and Mattie knew it was too big a risk to try to escape with her. If she failed, if they caught her, the unthinkable could happen.

Texas Ranger Sloan McKinney was hired to solve two different murders - with one eerily similar M.O. Sheriff Carley Matheson had her hands full: A sixteen-year-old unsolved murder and a strong hunch that the killer had resurfaced and struck again.As if things couldn't get any worse, the Texas Rangers had sent Sloan McKinney - the one man she'd always tried to keep at a distance - to spearhead the investigation. Now the only way to keep the citizens of Justice, Texas, safe - and solve two connected crimes - was to join forces.But someone resented Carley and Sloan digging up the past, and before long two of Texas's finest found themselves caught in the crosshairs of a murderer.

The sound of the gunshot sent Captain Shaw Tolbert’s heart to his knees.

Hell. This couldn’t happen. He couldn’t lose a single one of those hostages.

“Hold your fire!” Shaw shouted to the nearly three dozen officers and SWAT team members he had positioned all around the San Antonio Maternity Hospital.

For a split second everything and everyone around him froze. No more frantic orders and chatter from his men. Even the reporters and photographers who were pressed against the barricades nearly a block away went still, their cameras no longer flashing the bursts of light that knifed through the night.