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MR. AND MRS…FOR THE MOMENTTheirs was a whirlwind wedding–but Jake and Taylor Cassidy's marriage hadn't lasted much longer than the honeymoon. Now the sexy but tight-lipped rancher needed his pretty wife–who was not yet ready to be one–to come home again and "pretend" they were just as happily married as the day they'd said "I do."Problem was, every time Jake gave her a make-believe kiss, Taylor truly felt like a blushing bride again. And she could swear there was some new feeling simmering in her strong, silent cowboy's eyes. Could it be her hard-hearted husband was finally ready for the happily-ever-after she was dreaming of?

I'M YOUR GROOM"Anne Ha has penned a charming, sweet romance filled with warmth, laughter and wit." –Debbie MacomberDEBUT AUTHORHUSBAND 101With women throwing themselves at him, how could anyone expect Aaron Carpenter to settle down with just one? Yet Shelly was determined to transform her irresistibly handsome neighbor into the perfect man. Not for herself, of course. She was safely engaged to her stable and secure fiancé–a man totally without Aaron's passionate nature….And so the lessons began, reforming Aaron's notions about love and devotion. But he was a suspiciously quick learner. And now she had turned the most confirmed bachelor into the husband of every woman's dreams–especially hers….Five irresistible heroes say "I DO" for a lifetime of love. I'M YOUR GROOM.