Преодолевая конец света

Преодолевая конец света
Перевод: В. Тузов, А. Леготин
Жанр: Зарубежные детективы
ISBN: 978-5-00119-045-5

Эта книга – первый перевод на русский язык детективно-философской повести современного китайского писателя Тукэдуна Цишпэна.

Отчаявшийся владелец типографии, едва сводящий концы с концами, неожиданно разбогател на издании западного бестселлера о пророчествах Нострадамуса и о близком конце света. Однако вскоре он с ужасом обнаруживает, что его книга спровоцировала вполне невымьппленныи апокалипсис в головах окружающих…

Детективный сюжет повести разворачивается на фоне китайских «лихих 90-х»: первые богачи, первые сотовые телефоны, первые ситуации нравственного выбора для чиновников, простых людей и для молодой девушки-адвоката по имени Цин Ни.

Каждый из них переживает свой своеобразный «конец света».

Самое популярное в жанре Зарубежные детективы

For psychologist Claire Cantwell–code name Cyrene–the stakes couldn't be higher.Tapped for a top-secret mission for the president, the OMEGA covert operative needed the unique expertise of a man with whom she'd shared danger–and her bed. Lethally attractive special ops agent and ultrasuave diplomat Luis Esteban wanted more than Claire was ready to give.Now, with their very survival at stake, Claire has to trust Luis with her life…even if that means surrendering the one thing she vowed never to give: her heart.

CPA-with-an-attitude Whitney "Pink" Pearl has just blown the whistle on the accounting scam of the decade.And in true scapegoat fashion, she's lost her job and reputation and has moved back home to start again at the bottom of the pile, working as a forensic accountant for (gasp!) her mother. There's no money trail too cold for Pink to follow.But trouble sure follows her–because Pink's not taking back her accusations, no matter how many death threats, abduction attempts and steamy kisses from lawyers of questionable ethics she receives….

The brutally handsome stranger in the black leather jacket wasn't exactly the kind of man Jayne Barrington encountered in her world of wealth and privilege.But that scarcely mattered now, because he'd just dragged her into his world - at gunpoint! Boone Sinclair claimed she'd stumbled into an undercover investigation of a murderous drug cartel. And the only way he could keep her alive was to convince the real criminals he was keeping her prisoner - for his personal "pleasure."It wasn't easy playing hostage to this man's passion. But it was even harder pretending - even to herself - that she didn't want to make this deadly masquerade the real thing.

With high heels in place, she rose from the desk and grabbed her coffee mug. As she carried it into the back room where there was a bathroom, she noted that darkness had fallen outside.

At least it hadn’t snowed yet, she thought as she dumped the last of the tepid coffee down the sink. Early-December often brought winter weather to the small prairie town.

Coffee mug rinsed, she returned to the front office and grabbed her coat from the back of her chair. It was time to get home to her cat, Mr. Whiskers, the only male who seemed content to stick around with her for the long run.

THE FIRST TIME HAD BEEN HARD…Bailey Flowers should have known a man who'd been to hell and back would break her heart. But now ex-mercenary Terrence Sullivan was the only man who could help her locate her missing sibling–before the police framed her sister for murder!THE SECOND TIME WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLEThese former lovers thought they could set aside personal feelings to solve an increasingly bizarre–and deadly– investigation. But when their simmering passion exploded in an all-consuming desire,Bailey knew this tortured mercenary needed her help. Because the only key to Sullivan's salvation lay in her ever-loving arms–

Policewoman Molly Sparling remembered everything about Mitch Drake–his wild eyes and low, sexy voice, his touch…and that they had parted badly. Now Mitch, a protected witness, was missing and presumed dead.Molly refused to believe it. And though duty demanded she track him down, she feared that coming face-to-face with Mitch again might be more than her heart could bear. With a killer shadowing their every move, she had to convince Mitch to return to protective custody and testify. But Mitch didn't want protection–he wanted Molly….

SHE WAS SECONDS AWAY FROM PULLING THE TRIGGER……when the stranger strode out of the storm and witnessed her failure to take out her brother's killer. His eyes, his gaze…everything about him stirred a response in Hayley Tavistock. But he'd interfered in her plan for vengeance. And for that, Cooper Webb had some explaining to do. He was a lone wolf who operated outside the law to see justice done. Now Hayley had stumbled into his mission to right a terrible wrong. The last thing Cooper needed was to join forces with an avenging angel out for the wrong kind of revenge–even if Hayley aroused the right kind of passion in him….

The sound of the gunshot sent Captain Shaw Tolbert’s heart to his knees.

Hell. This couldn’t happen. He couldn’t lose a single one of those hostages.

“Hold your fire!” Shaw shouted to the nearly three dozen officers and SWAT team members he had positioned all around the San Antonio Maternity Hospital.

For a split second everything and everyone around him froze. No more frantic orders and chatter from his men. Even the reporters and photographers who were pressed against the barricades nearly a block away went still, their cameras no longer flashing the bursts of light that knifed through the night.

To: Sergeant Grace McCall-FoxFrom: Police Chief BerryThe only daughter of our most powerful senator has recently been murdered and her newborn child kidnapped. You and FBI special agent Mark Santini will pose as a childless couple desperate to adopt and bring the suspect into custody–before another murder occurs.I realize you and Mark have a past together and that this could complicate the assignment. It is imperative that you keep up the facade of happily married lovers at all times, but be careful not to let desire cloud your senses. Close quarters could lead to shared passion and searing attraction–and greater risk to your lives.

Mireya Rothe receives a call from an old friend Leandra Rae, who she doesn't keep in touch with for a long time. Leandra makes an appointment at the hotel, and that night she was killed. This night has been erased from Mireya's memory. And she becomes the main suspect. Mireya escapes to justify herself and find the real killer. On her way, she receives strange calls… from Leandra, which lead her forward. Is this really her friend? Where is she taking her? And what is the answer to the main question – what really happened on that forgotten night?

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